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Green Meetings in Poland

The MICE industry (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) – meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions – is an industry that deals with organizing business events, conferences, meetings, exhibitions, and motivational programs. The implementation of the principles of sustainable development in this industry encompasses several aspects:

Sustainable locations and venues: Choosing locations that promote sustainable practices, such as hotels and conference centers with sustainable building certificates, using renewable energy sources, and reducing water and waste consumption.

Transportation: Promoting environmentally friendly transportation methods, encouraging participants to use public transport, carpooling, or other means to reduce CO2 emissions.

Responsible event planning: Utilizing technology to reduce paper consumption by digitizing conference materials, organizing virtual meetings where possible, minimizing waste through recycling and reuse.

Selection of local suppliers and products: Preferring local suppliers and products, which helps support the local economy and reduces carbon dioxide emissions associated with transporting products over long distances.

Education and engagement of participants: Organizing educational events on sustainable development, encouraging participants to take environmentally friendly actions during the event, such as waste segregation and water conservation.

Monitoring and reporting: Tracking and analyzing the event’s impact on the environment, reporting data on energy and water consumption, waste generated, and greenhouse gas emissions.

There is increasing attention being paid to issues of sustainable development in the MICE industry. Companies organizing events strive to integrate these principles and practices into their strategies because an increasing number of clients and event participants expect them to be carried out in an environmentally friendly manner.


Sustainable Krakow

Describing many countries succinctly is a challenge, but Poland? It’s nearly impossible. This expansive nation weaves together diverse influences and landscapes, offering an abundance of experiences. From expansive, refined city squares to charming medieval towns and idyllic villages. From enchanting castles to majestic palaces. Its national parks showcase breathtaking lakes, dense forests, and towering mountains. Add to that health and wellness resorts promising relaxation and rejuvenation. A rich cultural and culinary scene, lively nightlife, and a profound—sometimes heartbreaking—history.

Poland surpasses simple description. This diverse country, a patchwork of influences and landscapes, boasts a wealth of treasures. From refined urban squares to quaint medieval towns and villages, it’s a visual delight. Featuring fairytale-like castles, grand palaces, and national parks highlighting stunning lakes, lush forests, and lofty peaks. The wellness retreats ensure ultimate relaxation, while its cultural offerings, gastronomic delights, vibrant nightlife, and a deep, often poignant history enrich every visit.

Beyond its allure for leisure travelers, Poland increasingly captivates the business tourism and events sector. Its robust economy, burgeoning tech industry, and comprehensive MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions) facilities make it a magnet for business visitors and event planners. They’re attracted to top-notch venues, sustainable event options, and the accessibility of Polish cities by air and eco-friendly transport.

We invite you to explore the Małopolska Province, focusing particularly on its vibrant capital, Kraków. It’s more than just a historical city; Kraków represents Poland’s unwavering dedication to sustainability.

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